Thanks to technology, everything has become increasingly democratized. Everyone can become a marketer nowadays, and competition is fierce. But what separates the ineffectual advertisers from the incredible marketers? To answer that question, we can study the life of Walt Disney:
You've poured your heart and soul into your website. You hit publish and while you were hoping your new site would bring you an onslaught of new customers; you got none. All you heard were crickets.

Why? Maybe it's because of your brand - your customers' overall perception of your business.
Imagine a world where we were only surrounded by bland brands with no individuality or identity. How would you speak up or set yourself apart? When looks are taken away you suddenly realize just how significant visuals are in the business world.
Many of you have heard the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words." While seen as very cliche, people have indeed been moved by powerful imagery since the beginning of time. As technology has progressed, we've experienced imagery in different ways, but its ability to leave a lasting impact as remained.
What are practical ways, we as small business owners can add value to our products and services?
We have all seen and have had images branded into our minds daily. When you drive down the street and your two year old starts yelling, "fries, fries I want fries" as you pass the Golden Arches. When you are watching a movie and notice the Apple laptop sitting in the background of a scene. These brands become part of our lives and when these brands have reached ultimate status they become the product instead of being a product in a category.
This illustration depicts some of the biggest global brands and highlights the evolution of their logos from humble beginnings to the present day. It might strike you how some of the designs started out looking like their biggest rivals and others appear to of hardly changed at all. Timeless is certainly not the overriding characteristic of most of these early creations.
Right or wrong, we as people jump to many conclusions even subconsciously. How we think about a person, brand or product seems to come from just what we see on the cover. They say, "You can't judge a book by its cover". Yet the fact is, we do this every single day. Your logo is like that book cover, what do people actually think when your company comes to mind?
The most prominent brands in the world are defined by their colours. Think of McDonald's golden arches, the name Jet Blue, and UPS' slogan, "What can Brown do for you?" These companies, and many others, strategically use colours in their logo, website, and product to appeal to customers. As a B2B marketer, it's important to think about how you utilize colours and what the colours you choose say about your business.
Most people that I talk to often have the wrong idea of what branding means. They usually assume I am referring to their logo. Branding is the overall vision or plan on how everything relates to each other. The word brand began simply as a way to tell one person's cattle from another by means of a hot iron stamp.
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