I remember the first time I walked into my house. Not really in the market for a home, just weeks before our marriage, my wife and I went for a Sunday drive and randomly stopped at an open house. Four months later, unexpectedly and without really even attempting to sell, we somehow sold our house. We purchased and moved into this 100 year old character home, an intimidating change for a "handyman" like myself.
Not so long ago I was in the market to buy a new vehicle for my family. I picked up the local ad listing and began a search. I noticed this ad for a black sports car, with leather seats and a moon roof for those sunny days.
Live long and prosper are the wishes of every business owner who desires to continue on the road of entrepreneurship. To the Trekie that salutation brings along its own set of memories that mix the days past alongside the limitless possibilities of a tech flourishing future.
Following years of failure I've come to the alarming conclusion that as "talented" as I may be, I'm not a handyman. Somehow, my wife had forgotten who she was married to when she arrived home with three new lighting fixtures. Knowing my own weaknesses, I called in for back up in the form of my brother-in-law. A former electrician himself, he is your typical jack of all trades. To this day, I'm convinced that if Google ever went down, he could sub in and get you your answers almost as fast.
Maybe it's just that I'm slowly aging but I've grown to like old things. I'm not completely sure how this has happened, but vintage is now appealing. Faded, cracked hardwood is now desired and there is now a collective sigh every time an old plaza is torn down in favour of a bright new one.
Much to my enjoyment, my six year old daughter has grown to love animals of all kinds. While so far, I've been successful in avoiding another addition to our busy household, we've settled on evenings of National Geographic together.
Stressed over the thought of Christmas shopping quickly approaching? Trying to avoid the chaos of over packed parking lots, hot shopping malls, long line ups at the cashier and disgruntled employees? Join the club.
As the seasons begin changing we have this hidden nature that drives us towards the warmth and new life that Spring brings. Pushing aside the blah and draw of the final weeks of winter, we open up to Spring Cleaning and fresh new ideas.

Here is 10 simple ways to freshen it up & put some spring into your website:
Today more than ever having a website is crucial to the success of your business. However that website must mirror the principals and image of your company. Many factors make the difference between a site that is useless and ineffective to a website that is effective and award winning. Studies have shown that having an ineffective website is often worse than having no website at all. Consumers, visitors and investors base a large percentage of your image on the overall experience they receive when visiting your website.
When Apple announced the iPad back in January of 2010 many users, including myself, didn't really see the big deal. I had a hard time understanding how this mobile device could replace my desktop without sacrificing any functionality. I remember saying to people this is just a larger iPod, more of a toy than anything.
10 Tips to help you increase your websites ROI.
As I step out the front door I am greeted by natures changing moments. From the colours of the scenery to temperatures that catch me off guard. These changes begin to shift the way I think and the way I operate.
Recently, I visited a number of websites looking for a specific product or service but never ended up finding what I was looking for. Instead I was side tracked by something that was totally unrelated. Arguably, one could say that it was my lack of focus that caused me to steer away from my original goal. However, my thought process never changed. When I was done viewing the bunny trail I still wanted that original product that I was looking for.
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