Goodbye Desktop - Hello Mobile


Looking back on the business/technology industry we can certainly see how quickly things have changed, and how different they are to what we used to do. If we look back 10 years ago, the need for a website was optional. Today a website is a must for any legitimate business. Phone books are now becoming a thing of the past. People don’t want to spend the time browsing through a book, when a search can be done online in a second right from their phone. Desktop computers are being replaced with mobile devices. First on the scene was the Blackberry, then came the iPhone, then the netbook, and now we just witnessed over a million units of the iPad sold which was just release in Canada on May 28, 2010.

With this new technology comes new ways of doing business. This is not just something that is optional for a business to-do, it’s something that is becoming mandatory just like a having accounting software. Imagine trying to run your business using a pen and paper for each transaction. Today this would end up being a nightmare. The key to any businesses is to learning to adapt to the trends of their customers.

Mobile computing is the biggest new trend that customers are flocking too. Customers are viewing websites, shopping for products, reading reviews, performing searches, chatting with friends, uploading videos, watching TV and more on their mobile devices anywhere they have a cell phone connection. Your company’s message needs to be adaptive by offering all the right elements. Many business owners assume that just by having a website means their mobile customers can access it. This is not the case at all; these mobile devices operate under a different standard of code than your traditional desktop computer. Which means most websites currently online do not meet the mobile requirements.

You probably have heard about the mini programs called “APPs”. These mini programs can help your clients access your company’s products or services right from their phone. It allows your clients to have a sense of loyalty to you and provides them with the information they need immediately. For example Tim Horton’s has created an application that allows you to find any Tim Horton’s location near you. These mini applications can be tailored to your business and clients.

Symetric Productions can help your company ensure you are meeting these trends. We can provide you with unique applications and information that will allow your trend setting customers access to your message no matter where they are. We will also ensure your website is mobile friendly. Is your business ready for mobile customers?