7 Ways Your Business Could Benefit From an App

A mobile app is basically a small program that sits on your mobile phone and does something for you. Mobile Phones are powerful and their apps can do some really amazing things – from calculating exchange rates, capturing & inputting information from a business card, scan a barcode and provide you with the lowest price, alerting you to traffic information or simply letting you know about special offers. There are over 500,000 mobile apps available that are performing a huge range of tasks.

Symetric - Could a Mobile App Help My Buinesss Grow?The biggest task a mobile application can provide for you business is Mobile Marketing. Businesses all spend money on marketing and wonder how effective or powerful that marketing really is. With an app you can place your information in the palm of the customer with all the tracking  & statics you need. The best part is you can continue to do this for free as long as that user has your application.

Here is the top 7 Reasons how your business could benefit from an App.

  1. GEO Marketing: Allows you to know that a customer is within minutes of your location. The app has the capability to provide that consumer with a special offer to entice them to stop in to your location.  For example if you’re a restaurant and its lunchtime your app could automatically provide a coupon for a free appetizer for consumers within a 10-block radius.
  1. Push Sales: Your app can drive and push time sensitive sales or promotions. Even though the user is not looking at your app, you have the ability to send a message to their phone alerting them of a time sensitive offer.
  2. Build Loyalty: We all want that piece of advertising that has our brand in front of the consumers face constantly. When a user downloads your app, your logo icon is displayed on their phone for them to continually view. Reminding them of your company and it’s branding.
  3. 24/7 Mobility: Users of applications are using and browsing information day or night. As a business owner you want your information, products and services available when it’s needed, not just when your physical doors are open.
  4. Addictive: Study’s show that users spend more time on apps while using a phone then on websites. Great apps are often addictive apps, being creative is the name of the game. The more time a consumer is on our app the stronger the company becomes in their minds. By offering something unique, creative or useful will help keep that app in front of their eyes.
  5. Trendy & Creditable: Users have a mindset that if you have an app your business must be creditable. So if your looking to be trendy and creditable an app might help you accomplish this.
  6. Capture While it’s Hot: Most of your competition will not have an app yet. Now is the time to capture that audience, get them addicted and talking virally about your company. World is mouth has always been huge on a phone, now its just been taken to the next level.

For more information on how your business can create an app please contact us Symetric Productions or 905-933-4910 ext 222, [email protected]