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We’re Proud of what we do.

A small but passionate team of dedicated individuals who create custom projects tailored to the needs of our clients. Every project is unique and before anything else - we listen.  We discover what is important to you and your business. This insight coupled with our experience and creativity, allows us to craft your brand from beginning to end. Beyond that, we aim to build lasting relationships to help you succeed.

Symetric has been doing this very thing for over 18 years, priding ourselves on our Core Six Services. 


Your website is more than just an information source. Symetric helps create experiences that help you shine in a busy online marketplace. E-commerce, lead generation and great design will set you up for online success. 


Beauty attracts. We aim to deliver visuals that communicate the quality of your work. We believe this is a vital cog in supporting the message that initiates that visual conversation. Our Graphic Designers are some of the best!


App Development

The future is mobile, with smartphone devices taking over as our communications base. Applications have emerged to enhance, inform and interact with our online community. Creativity reigns here to find that next innovative tool that changes everything. We are certified iPhone & Android developers. 


We say, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” the fact is we do – dozens, maybe hundreds of times a day. We build an opinion based on what we see. Your logo/brand is likely one of the first factors we base that perception on. We can work with you to ensure your branding is an authentic representation of your business. 


Elite websites are only elite if they are found. Rankings are critical for finding new markets and clients. Simplifying Google is no easy task, but it boils down to this: create relevant, fresh content consistently. We offer SEO to help you climb the ladder.


Your web presence is never complete. The goal is not simply to gain visitors, but to give them a reason to return. Our social media, email and online strategies are critical in maintain users while attracting new ones.

We Are

Symetric Productions is a graphic & web design firm born and bred right here in Niagara. Design is everywhere, always created by someone. By nature, we're attracted to well-designed material. It attracts the eye, supports the message and builds the trust of potential customers. 

But we’re not only the beauty, we’re also the brains. We rely on the latest technology by pushing the web to its limits to get you the return you deserve, and by creating a web user experience that focuses on pointing your visitors in the right direction.

We take pride in knowing that we are one of the best. Our staff have worked and developed projects as unique as they come. From responsive websites that manage thousands of employees with custom graphing and reporting, automatic movie licensee distributions, theatrical campaigns, iPhone and Android developments, billboard designs, vehicle wraps and more, you name it and we have probably designed it.

Whether you require a professional e-commerce website to sell your products online, the hottest new iPhone application, or just a fresh graphic design on a dated site, we can build it. Before anything else, we listen. Our team discovers and determines what makes your company unique in a competitive marketplace. We then emphasize these competitive advantages with our technical expertise and some of the best graphic artists in the Niagara Region to make your project shine.

Let our award-winning team take your unique project to the next level.

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