Hospice Niagara

Hospice Niagara provides families and their loved ones all across Niagara with the care and comfort needed to help improve the quality of life for ailing family members. Hospice Niagara’s staff and caregivers provide the utmost support and help needed for families and their loved ones.

Hospice Niagara’s annual fundraiser, the Hike for Hospice Niagara, needed help capturing their event in a unique and fun way – it was a perfect fit for Symetric’s drone division. Our drone pilots worked with the Hospice Niagara team to plan the drone shoot and figure out how to best capture the day’s events. Whether it was snapping an aerial shot of the participants standing in the shape of a heart or getting footage of the hike from an aerial perspective, Hospice Niagara now has the marketing content it needs to promote their initiatives and increase their visibility – something that can lead to an increase in funds raised for future events, a primary goal as Hospice Niagara is a non-for-profit organization. The drone footage was even featured on local news networks which you can check out below!