Social Media Marketing


What Is Social Media?

Some love it, some hate it, some are afraid of it and some wish it never existed. No matter what we think, social media is here to stay. In Canada, 70% of us are using some form of social media and that number is only increasing.

Social Media - you may have heard the phrase tossed around and wondered what is it? An online meeting place for individuals to connect; in essence a communication tool but more than that. It encourages participation, sparks conversation, builds community, creates a buzz, is constantly changing, always current, never closes and impacts us so much, that we return willingly each and every day for more.

The New Word Of Mouth

Most business owners would agree, you can try advertising - radio, newspaper, print, no matter the medium; nothing truly beats word of mouth. Why? Because it's personal - an individual whom you know and trust, put their name behind the product or service.

Social Media Marketing - Light Bulb

Social media is essentially the new way of communication, it's word of mouth but on a larger scale and exponentially more powerful.

Build Your Audience

Most businesses understand the need for social media, they just don't have the time or find it confusing, even overwhelming. This is primarily where we come in to assist you in simplifying your social media experience giving you what you want - results.

Social media marketing has given businesses the opportunity to connect with their clients like never before. All companies have customers. Lucky companies have fans. But the most fortunate companies have audiences. An audience can be the greatest tool in promoting you and spreading the word in a matter of seconds. In the end, you have a following, so that when you have something to say, they are listening.

My question to you is, in advertising, what more could you ask for?