People Who
Get It DonE

Joe Jones Founder & CEO

Joe is an award winning co-founder of Symetric, having received his computer programmer analyst degree from Canadore College and later attaining A+ certification as a computer technician. Joe has also been the recipient of many prestigious awards, receiving recognition as the 2007 Young Entrepreneur of the Year and being a recipient of the Top 40 under Forty business achievement award in 2009. Joe makes it a priority to adapt to each client’s needs and propose a creative solution. Whether he’s at a boardroom meeting, chatting over the phone or speaking at an event, his clever ingenuity, passion and limitless imagination make him a cornerstone in Symetric.

Ryan Trinder Founder & Creative Director

Ryan is the creative director and co-founder of Symetric. In over 20 years of being an established graphic, web and corporate identity creator, he has a keen eye for balancing
visual aesthetics with user experience. Ensuring design meets functionality in a practical way is at the forefront of Ryan’s mindset when developing projects, both large and small. At the core of his work is a strong belief that design is the first visual communicator of your message. This strong skillset combined with a user first philosophy allows him to create effective campaigns which look great, and are easy to engage with.

Nicole G Marketing & Project Manager

With over a decade of experience in multimedia and digital marketing. She is now bringing her expertise and knowledge of brand awareness and niche market publications to deliver exceptional service to our valued clients. Nicole is dedicated to helping businesses develop and execute their strategies to drive increased acquisition, engagement and retention to ultimately growth in revenue. She knows how important quality content is to her client’s brands and will always hold their integrity in the forefront.

Bryan Digital Technology Director

Bryan graduated from Niagara College’s computer engineering technology program and has a true passion for all things tech. His extensive knowledge of the online world and programming practices make him an invaluable asset to the team. He is always current with the latest technological trends, allowing him to take on any project and bring it to life in an innovative, creative way. Being an app enthusiast, Bryan oversees our app development department and works with each client to turn their dreams into reality.

Nicole RBrand Strategist

Nicole is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program with a concentration in Marketing. Nicole’s education has sparked her passion for marketing while her meticulous attention to detail and creative thinking equips her with the ability to understand each client’s unique goals to best design influential marketing campaigns. Looking at the big picture, Nicole’s analytical skills allow her to identify key performance indicators to ensure that deliverables are contributing to a client’s overall goal. Her commitment toward advancing your company’s success is what drives Nicole to design a comprehensive marketing strategy to best address the client’s need.

Amie Accounts

Amie graduated from Brock University with a Bachelor of Accounting degree in 2014. During her time at Brock, Amie was the Vice President of Academic Affairs for the Accounting Students' Association and always focused her involvement towards helping students meet their goals. Amie was awarded the Most Outstanding Contribution as a result of her strong work ethic and ability to manage successful events and accounting competitions. Through her studies Amie has also developed extensive knowledge in accounting. She has strong attention to detail and has proven to be a passionate, reliable and hard working individual who strives to ensure the best results and satisfaction of everyone she works with.

AaronGraphic Designer

Aaron is a graduate of the advanced graphic design program at Niagara College. Coupled with his love for design, Aaron’s creative mind and sophisticated skillset have allowed him to develop an objective approach to his graphic design projects. Armed with his good-natured attitude and infectious optimism, Aaron will work closely with clients to convey their style in authentic and beautiful ways. He is eager to help you tell your company’s story through fresh and refined visuals.

JasonMarketing Strategist

As a Certified specialist for Google Ads and Google Analytics, Jason is a gifted marketing professional who specializes in developing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and paid advertising strategies. Jason’s experience and education (he holds a Bachelor of Public Health (Honours)), have bestowed upon him a passion for digital marketing and a deep love for visual media. Jason is eager to harness his comprehensive understanding of data analysis and his background to create insightful and dynamic marketing approaches that cater to the diverse needs of your company and your audience.

Elisa Content Strategist

Elisa is graduate of Brock University who holds both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in English Language and Literature. As a passionate reader and critical thinker, she is conscious of the nuances of language and how word choice actively influences the way audiences respond to, and interpret, texts. Your content is more than just words on a page. Elisa won’t just write your story; she will collaborate with you to ensure that your vision transcends and inspires beyond the borders of your website.

Tom Programmer

As a graduate of Niagara College’s Bachelor of Business Administration program, Tom has devoted not only his education, but also his free time, to mastering his web development skills. Through rigorous self-study, Tom has cultivated a broad range of front and back-end web development skills that have led him to pursue a variety of jobs, including a temporary web development position in Peru! His passion for technology, and his desire to obtain new skills, will lend enthusiasm and finesse to any project.

Aly Content Strategist

Aly is a graduate of Niagara College’s Print Journalism program. She also holds a BA in Honours Criminology from Wilfrid Laurier University. As a previous reporter, she understands the power of clear, concise and engaging copy. Aly plans to use her knack for words, along with her strong copyediting and research skills to compose intriguing and informative content for your audience. The passionate storyteller is excited to collaborate with you on future projects, and promises not to throw in the towel until you’re satisfied.

Jesse Social Coordinator

Jesse has also received his Bachelor of Science in Religious Studies at Lancaster College. Through his studies and community outreach programs, Jesse has developed an empathetic approach to marketing across diverse platforms. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and special skillsets in social media marketing and client portfolio management.

Emma Content Strategist

Emma graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelor of General Arts. Her passion for human psychology, storytelling, and entrepreneurship makes Emma an engaged and passionate creative thinker. She found her passion for writing at a young age and began to grow exponentially through her own social media business experience. With an eye for detail, a love for good word choice and an excitement for design, Emma’s optimistic outlook and unstoppable curiosity arm her as a Copywriter who is experienced, determined and able to find the fun in all of her work.