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Aerial Drone Photography


Ever dream of capturing your company experience in a way never thought possible? Now you can! Meet our aerial photography and videography solutions, the cutting-edge way to effectively communicate your message in a powerful manner. From shooting 4K and generating full HD promo videos to capturing photos from a unique perspective, there’s nothing that our aerial solutions can’t do!

Our Process

We work directly with you to ensure that your company vision is being communicated effectively. Throughout the process, we strive to meet every project’s goals. Whether it’s creating a captivating facility tour of a large manufacturing enterprise, capturing mesmerizing photos of houses for a real estate corporation or obtaining photos and videos that just weren’t possible before…our aerial solutions can truly do it all!

Preparation & Consultation 
This is where we discuss your vision and work together to create a master plan. We’ll discuss shooting locations, what items you would like to focus on and if you have any special requests. We also provide suggestions for you to ensure that you’ll be ready for the big day!

Shooting Day 
On the day of shooting, we meet you on location with all of the required equipment and resources previously mentioned. We then spend the duration of the time capturing videos and photos from a variety of perspectives. If there are any additional items that you would like to capture we’d be more than happy to satisfy your requests (as long as we have enough time left!). 

After shooting day, we’ll go back and review all of the moments captured and create various promotional media based on the package that you selected (see the packages section). We then send our finished product for you to review and make any revisions upon your request. Once all of that is done you’ll receive all of your media files to use for the entire world to see!


Q: What drone do you use? 
A:We use the Phantom 4 drone by DJI on every project. Apart from looking totally awesome, it also has a pretty amazing set of features ranging from 4K video recording to HD live view and a 3 axis stabilized camera which keeps it perfectly steady even at the highest of altitudes. Interested in learning more about our drone’s capabilities? 

Q: What happens if there’s inclement weather on shooting day? 
A: No problem! We’ll simply give you a rain check and reschedule, free of charge!

Q: How do I receive the finished product? 
A: After the project is completed, we deliver the finished product on a USB device. You even get to keep the USB!