How To Grow Your Email List

How To Grow Your Email List - Email MarketingMountain climbing is an exceptionally challenging activity. Sitting down at the base of a large mountain often makes the goal of reaching the peak an unattainable one. It requires constant effort and one wrong move during the climb can often spell disaster for those attempting it. Often building your email subscriber list can seem like a mountain that will never be climbed.  Even after months and years of working to accumulate a significant list one wrong move can make you loose subscribers. In fact, on average 25% of an email list will be lost each year due to bounces, unsubscribes, and inactive users. To help you reach the peak of your email goals and avoid disaster try keeping these ideas in mind.

Email Content: First and foremost do your emails contain quality information? Give people a reason to open that email, don’t assume that since you have them on your email list that they will be on it forever. You have to constantly give them a reason to open and read emails. Check out our other blog posts on information about how to create dynamic emails for your email marketing. For ideas on how to create unique email content you can read the following blog here:

Opt-in Incentives: Go beyond offering great content and offer more incentives monthly discounts, exclusive draws, and contests. You can also use a referral method in order to grow your lists by allowing people to gain more contest entries by referring friends to sign up for your email newsletter.

EBook Samples: When posting blogs or other publications only post a small sample of it online and then have an email opt-in option in order to receive the entire document for download. The key for this however is to make sure that this download is worthwhile and not another blog that they could obtain elsewhere without registering.

Social Media Integration: Your social media outlets are a constant source of communication and interaction with your potential consumers. These outlets are also a great method for promoting your newsletter. Add a tab on your company Facebook page with a unique landing page to help increase exposure and list the incentives clearly.

Make things easy: Make things easy for someone to register to your emails and to unsubscribe.  Use clear buttons to display where they can do both, and make the process as efficient as possible with only a few required fields.

Opt-in Everywhere: This does not mean that you should have to post an email opt-in on every single page of your website. However, it should be placed at a few key locations. For example, have it placed by your blog posts, contact information page, and home page. Make sure to have a clear call to action listed by the sign up, using the opt-in incentives as discussed earlier.

Email Tracking: There is plenty of software available for tracking opens, clicks, and social media outlets. It can be very beneficial in helping you determine what kind of content people enjoy reading and how you can tailor your future email messages to them.

Apply these methods next time you tackle your email list mountain, the results may surprise you and your mountain will seem much smaller than it originally was.