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Mobile Websites


Formerly, mobile websites were viewed as optional upgrades to a website development project. Today, that is no longer an option.

Years ago, Symetric (we weren’t the only ones) claimed the future is mobile, that smartphones would eventually take over desktop use. That day is now fast arriving, smartphones are dominating the consumer landscape and are taking on many of a computer’s functions. These devices meet us where we are, not chain us to a desk.

About 60% of online traffic currently comes from mobile devices. We can only expect that number to rise as data plans become more affordable, an aging population and many other factors.



Google Said So.

As part of its initiative to provide a better search experience for users, Google has now begun down-ranking websites that are not optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

Click here for detailed information.

The future is here, mobile isn’t an option; it’s a must.

Responsive Website Design

The best method to designing mobile is a tactic called Responsive design. We’ve dedicated a page to learning exactly how that process works here.