Daredevil Logos

Daredevil Logos - Logo DesignRight or wrong, we as people jump to many conclusions even subconsciously. How we think about a person, brand or product seems to come from just what we see on the cover. They say, “You can’t judge a book by its cover”. Yet the fact is, we do this every single day.

Your logo is like that book cover, what do people actually think when your company comes to mind? When most think of Nike they associate it with its iconic swoosh.  Starbucks has their Siren posted to each cup of coffee.

Every business regardless of its size needs a logo. Competition will swallow us up if we don’t find ways to separate ourselves from the crowd. Having a logo that stands for something allows people to connect with your business and establish a different identity than your competition. Starbucks for example, have gone so far as to add a blog with the complete history of their logo since 1971. Starbucks realizes the importance of reaching out to their consumers in a completely different way. Daring to be different with their logo and its story then their competition.

Now apply that to your business, is your logo a daredevil logo? Does it allow you to reach out to potential customers and connect with them in a unique way? For most business’s the answer is no, but that does not mean that their logo cannot be redesigned to reposition your company. What makes a logo unique, standout, and engaging?

Dare to be unique: Don’t use the same look as your competitors. Instead of looking at what everyone is doing and copying them, use their logos as a template of what not to do. Try to be both memorable and different.

Dare to be modern: Even the most well known logos (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Nike) have been spruced up over the years to keep them looking modern. If your logo looks dated people will associate it with your business being outdated also, keep it looking modern.

Dare to be engaging: Use your logo as a way to create a buzz amongst your potential customers. If you develop a logo that looks outside the box and daring people will talk about it, or ask you about it allowing an opportunity for customer interaction.

Dare to be Vector: A vector-designed logo will allow you to use the same logo for a small profile picture on social media to a large advertisement on a billboard. The reason you can use it for both is because a vector logo does not loose its picture quality when it is stretched or shrunk.

Your logo is one of the most important ways of how you can properly represent your business to customers. When developed professionally, daring to be unique, modern, and engaging can have a major impact on your business’s branding and development.