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Building your Marketing Efforts

How many times have you wasted money on advertising? How many times have you used direct mail and seen no response? How many times have you purchased an ad in a magazine and didn’t have a clue on how many people would actually see it? I am not saying these types of advertising don’t work, but they may not be working for you. The key to effective advertising is all about understanding your clients, and your audience. If you don’t understand your audience no type of marketing will be effective. 

Email Marketing is unique type of marketing engine that allows you to understand you audience and their behaviours. Our email marketing engine is a great way to help you gain insight in the interest of your clients. Here is what I mean, how helpful would it be to your business if you could know the following, (How many people viewed your ad, how many people clicked on a specific product or service, who clicked on what products, what products get the most attention) This type of information has enabled me to turn a cold lead into a sale in a just a few minutes.

With email marketing you can view a report as soon as the emails are delivered and that report can tell you that Johnny opened your email, Johnny also clicked on the new product your are selling. This tells you Johnny was interested in your new product, so you can then send a follow-up email stating” Hi Johnny I noticed you read my article on the new product we are launching, did you have any questions and would you like to book a demonstration?

Your email marketing should continually be directing people back to your website and providing you with valuable insight. Never give away all the information away in your emails, send the customers to your website to obtain the rest. Your marketing should always be building your websites traffic, content and reputation. People naturally forget your business exists. Email marketing can keep their attention back on you.

Here at Symetric Productions we help our clients develop attractive and effective email marketing campaigns, and teach you how to turn that cold lead into sale. We can offer you a program that enables you do it all your self, or we can help you deliver.