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Drones: Stop Stalling, Start Flying

Think back to your fond summer memories as a child. When days were for playing and nights were spent telling stories over campfires. My favourite topic was asking everyone’s preferred superpower. Answers ranged from superhuman strength to invisibility and many more, but I always picked the gift of flight. Mankind has always been fascinated with flight and longed to explore the world from a bird’s eye view. It’s mind boggling to believe how different flying was just 100 short years ago. What has been especially fascinating is the period that we are currently in where airborne devices are owned and operated for personal use. The most common and popular of these devices are drones. Drones are an extremely exciting product for consumers in that they can be applied for so many purposes.

So how does it relate to the business world? Drones can be used to create exciting content that was previously impossible, at least feasibly anyway. However, if not done right drones can be misused. Which is why it’s so important to have a game plan when deciding how to take advantage of drones for your business. Keep these three simple tips in mind to reimagine your marketing potential.

Mix Work and Play

There is a common misconception that drones are just toys used for artistic expression (think Casey Neistat, check out his YouTube channel for examples of some incredible drone shots). However, drones can also help capture your business from unattainable viewpoints. Think about it this way...as a consumer, what would catch your eye more? A) A run of the mill company video. B) A video that features fascinating drone footage with music while a narrator talks to you. If you picked the second option then you’re certainly not alone. Drones help brands take their video marketing to the next level. Which brings us to our next point, creating a unique perspective.

A Different Perspective

Drones are extremely powerful because of their ability to gain perspective from where we cannot. This benefit is a huge advantage for companies who have a facility and would like to show it to potential clients, but what if you don’t have an enormous facility? What if I told you that that doesn’t matter and that you can still get great footage? Simply capturing clips from different perspectives of the area surrounding your business or from rare vantage points in your office/store is an extremely effective way to help potential clients learn more about you in a unique way. It also takes your video marketing and kicks it up a notch. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to how drones can be applied! Remember though that style without substance means nothing. Which brings us to our last point.

Results-Based Content

Drones are a content marketer’s dream in that it’s so much easier to create content that attracts consumer interest. Put yourself in your target market’s shoes; people are constantly bombarded with limitless mediums such as websites, social media, ads and the list goes on and on. Which is why creating worthwhile content that grabs their attention is key. Let’s use social media as an example and think about how people view content while on social media. Users typically scroll through their feeds and only stop for either a post from someone they care about or if a content piece stands out. This is where drone videos can make the world of a difference and create engagement. Who doesn’t want that?

Technology, for better or worse, has radically effected how companies go about marketing themselves. However, drones are definitely on the good side of the tech effect and help companies communicate their brand in a way that, simply put, wasn’t even possible 5 years ago. However, it’s still important to apply the same thoughtful planning to drone videos as any other marketing piece. Think that your business could use a hint of drone in its marketing mix? Stop stalling and start flying!