App Development


Built in cooperation with the Niagara Region Public Health, the Mom + Baby 2B app is a dynamic and simplistic prenatal mobile application equipped with all the tools necessary to help expecting mothers experience a healthy pregnancy. The app comes with the following features: Planning for Pregnancy, Helpful Tools, Checklists and Facts and a Fertility-Tracking Tool.

The mobile application also covers many steps necessary for a healthy pregnancy such as tips on choosing the right prenatal care provider, recording prenatal care visits, understanding proper eating habits for mothers and babies, calculating an ideal weight gain, monitoring contractions with a contraction counter, understanding the stages of labor and delivery and useful navigation tools to help find the closest ER.

It also comes equipped with the following community connections: Niagara Region Public Health services, Niagara area community contacts, and Ontario Public Health locations. The Mom + Baby 2B app is a reliable resource that has helped countless mothers and is currently available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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