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Branding & Logo Design

Based in the UK and created by the research and development team of AUG Global, AIBODY was founded by medical professionals with a passion for technology and vice versa. The AIBODY team was motivated by their desire to push past our current healthcare limits by creating a much more accurate simulation response of human organisms. This led the team to build a digitized human organism that allows researchers to simulate realistic organism responses in real-time in order to better understand how we as humans function.

The AIBODY team was looking for a digital marketing firm that would be able to accurately communicate their product to a variety of audiences. During our initial discussions, we determined that developing their brand and a website that could both captivate and educate its audience would help to maximize their reach and efficiency. Symetric first worked on developing a brand that accurately portrayed AIBODY’s core positioning and resonated with their audience. Once the brand was finalized, Symetric got to work on the site’s development.

Upon completion, the new website is utterly breathtaking! Featuring interactive media throughout and a clean, modern design; AIBODY’s new website offers users a truly seamless experience. With educating the public being priority number one, the website also provides its content in a variety of formats such as video, text, and engaging imagery. Thus ensuring that, regardless of a user’s learning style, they will be able to understand the benefits of this complex product.

Richard Littlehales, CEO of AIBODY, had this to say about their experience with Symetric, “thank you to the Symetric team for their help in the creation of our brand, development and launch of our corporate website. The process was an enjoyable and effective experience in seeing the pieces of our brand come together visually. The team was helpful, knowledgeable and above all – listened to our needs in developing a memorable web experience for our audience.”

Website: https://www.aibody.io/

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