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Canaan Cabinetry

Website Design

Canaan Cabinetry has a long and storied tradition of providing clients with superb customer service coupled with the finest kitchens, bathrooms and custom renovations possible. A tradition 80 years in the making, Canaan’s attention to detail and passion for their craft means that they’re always at the forefront of what the industry has to offer. Meaning that your dream home can finally become a reality!

Possessing a high customer referral rate of 80% meant that Canaan needed to take their strong word-of-mouth and communicate it online. Symetric teamed up with the folks at Canaan to find a way to translate their family-based, esteemed brand and immaculate work into a new website. Upon launch, Canaan finally has a website that harnesses their breathtaking work and gets results. The new responsive design features mesmerizing visuals that captivate users, helpful information that will be sure to educate individuals on what they need to know and a simplified navigation centred around unique calls to action. The Canaan brand now has a website that truly embodies their genuine approach and care for their craft.

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