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City of Port Colborne

Branding & Logo Design

Located in Niagara’s South Coast, the City of Port Colborne is a popular holiday spot for visitors. With beautiful beaches, many historical and cultural attractions, and a variety of local shops and restaurants, the city has a lot to offer to visitors and community members. While there certainly is no shortage of activities in Port Colborne, the city did find that they were lacking a modern, compelling brand. That is where we jumped in!

We worked with the City of Port Colborne to enhance their existing brand in a way that captured the support they offer to community members and partners, highlighting their ‘PORTicipate’ campaign. The goal of Port Colborne’s brand refresh was to strengthen the current brand, create cohesion between the corporate and sub-brands, and be reflective of all stakeholders. The launch of their new brand achieved that and more! Updating the colour scheme and visual identity for the city instantly created a modern feel, while still connecting with the pre-established strength and history. The City of Port Colborne now has a brand that is visually appealing, powerful, and clearly communicates everything that Port Colborne stands for.


City of Port Colborne Main Image
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