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CNC Woodcraft Inc.

Website Design

Our team at Symetric took on the opportunity of revamping the online presence for CNC Woodcraft Inc., a leading provider of one-piece MDF doors and custom components. Faced with a dated website, CNC Woodcraft Inc. sought a modern solution that would not only showcase their extensive product library but also provide a seamless and efficient user experience. The objectives were clear: create a simple, clean, and modern design that would replace the previous interface, enhance functionality, and make it easy for visitors to navigate through their diverse product offerings. Our approach included a complete overhaul of the website's design and structure, ensuring a visually appealing and intuitive layout. 

One of the primary focuses was on optimizing the display of CNC Woodcraft's extensive product library. We implemented a streamlined navigation system that allows visitors to easily explore and find the perfect product for them. The incorporation of a user-friendly online order form simplifies the customization process, enabling customers to place their orders effortlessly with just a few clicks. 

The result is a website that not only meets but exceeds the client's expectations. CNC Woodcraft Inc. now boasts a modern, functional, and aesthetically pleasing online platform that aligns with their brand identity. The improved user experience, coupled with the seamless order placement system, positions CNC Woodcraft Inc. for increased customer engagement and business growth. 

Nancy at CNC Woodcraft Inc., shared her experience working with us on this project: 
"It has truly been a pleasure collaborating with the team at Symetric Productions. Joe, Ryan, Nicole, Bryan, and everyone else demonstrated exceptional support, playing a crucial role in bringing our vision to life. Given the customized nature of our products, configuring the e-commerce segment presented a unique challenge. Symetric successfully navigated through it, making it a reality! The transition was seamless, and we are absolutely thrilled with the outstanding results achieved."


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