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David Small Designs

Website Design

David Small Designs is an architectural design firm committed to not only creating, but transforming homes into masterpieces that truly combine stunning architectural designs with practical functionality. David Small Designs understands that each project is unique and puts an emphasis on delivering a finished product that satisfies even the most demanding requirements.

In order to accurately communicate David Small Designs' vast range of experience and expertise, Symetric designed a distinctive website that was not only sure to make a great first impression, but a lasting one. Integrating clean, full imagery was vital when showcasing David Small Designs' extensive variety of work. The large portfolio pieces are intended to engage users' attention and distinguish a powerful advantage in visual appearance thus creating a better user experience.

The responsive website also features a section that provides an exclusive look into the making of David's own remarkable home and all of the custom aspects involved. By including sketches and rollovers, it creates an interactive experience that allows users to become fully immersed into the architectural world.

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