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Distress Centre Niagara

Website Design

Since its inception in 1970, Distress Centre Niagara has been committed to servicing individuals in the Niagara Region with free, confidential 24/7 crisis/suicide prevention and intervention support. 

With that commitment top of mind, Distress Centre Niagara enlisted in our help for a comprehensive website redesign aimed at overcoming existing challenges and achieving a modern, user-friendly platform. Facing issues with both aesthetics and functionality, the end goal was a visually refreshed website that prioritized easy navigation, critical for their 24/7 crisis intervention services. Our team was able to not only met these expectations but exceeded them by implementing a user-friendly content management system, ensuring seamless updates for staff and facilitating prompt access to support for visitors. 

The result is a sleek and functional website that embodies Distress Centre Niagara's mission. Symetric strategically integrated features such as a dedicated Volunteer section and a streamlined donation process, emphasizing community engagement and simplifying contributions. This collaboration successfully transformed the online presence of Distress Centre Niagara, providing them with a dynamic, modern website that enhances their ability to serve and support the community effectively. 


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