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Feather Friendly

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Cities are incredible places that seemingly exude life, architecture and culture. However, for some animals, urban centres pose a colossal safety hazard, particularly for our bird friends. You see, while skyscrapers are architectural marvels that can often leave you breathless, their windows pose a serious danger for birds due to their reflective nature. Meaning that oftentimes birds can fly into them unawares, resulting in a tragic demise. This has become such an issue that an estimated 1 billion birds die in North America alone. That’s where the folks at Feather Friendly come in. Feather Friendly is committed to helping birds and urban areas co-exist by implementing their Feather Friendly® Bird Deterrent Technology. This simple solution can make an enormous impact when it comes to bird conservation.

The Feather Friendly team had the product to help solve this ongoing issue, but lacked the online presence needed to educate consumers on its importance. Which is why they teamed up with Symetric to better their digital strategy through a new website. Symetric introduced Feather Friendly to growth driven design, a progressive new approach to developing websites. With the growth driven design (GDD) method, the website development process was shortened significantly, allowing the brand to immediately benefit from the new site. Our team then monitored its consumer usage in order to make continual improvements, thus resulting in a more effective experience that generates results. Feather Friendly now has a website that’s as forward thinking as their product!

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