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Hospice Niagara

Website Design

Focused on caring for individuals diagnosed with a terminal illness, and their families, Hospice Niagara is a non-profit organization that provides the care and comfort needed to help improve their quality of life. Hospice Niagara’s staff and caregivers provide the utmost support and help needed for families and their loved ones.

Having previously worked together on marketing initiatives for a Hospice Niagara Fundraiser, we were thrilled when Hospice Niagara asked us to complete a new design for their website. We worked on creating a website that could be an extension of the care and comfort they provide. The site is welcoming and informative, and personal. Specific elements such as personal stories from individuals whose lives have been touched by Hospice Niagara helps users to feel connected to the organization. As a non-profit organization, Hospice Niagara relies on community donations to continue to support people and families across the region. It was important for us to design a ‘Ways To Give’ page that simplifies the donation process and offers information about the different ways users can support Hospice Niagara.


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