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Living House

Website Design

In today’s fast paced world, people spend their days surrounded by the artificial. Whether it’s unnatural lights illuminating their workspace or plastic plants that fill their home. The reality is that synthetic substitutes can never replicate the aesthetic or health benefits that we as humans receive from nature. This rule especially applies to the real plants around you; that’s where Living House comes in. A division of Bayview Flowers, Living House is an online platform that allows users to learn more about various types of plants and their applicable health benefits. The folks at Living House believe that every plant has a unique story to tell along with distinctive health benefits for each.

Living House had the concept ironed out, but lacked the online platform needed to create and support such an interactive and engaging tool. Which is why they decided to team up with Symetric! The Symetric team recommended the best course of action was to build the platform in stages in order to ensure an immersive experience throughout every touch point on the site. Upon launch of phase 1, the robust website features a wide array of features and data to both captivate and educate visitors. Featuring an immersive, full-screen design and visually striking graphics, the new website is sure to bring out the plant lover in all of us. Be sure to stay tuned for the launch of phase 2!

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