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Millenniumsoils Coir, Vgrove Inc.

Website Design

Millenniumsoils Coir, Vgrove Inc is one of the most reputable suppliers of Coconut Coir to the Horticultural industry. As experts in all things Coir, they take great pride in the quality of their service and products, always striving to deliver the best experience to their customers. Millenniumsoils needed a website refresh to showcase their wide range of high-quality products and expert processes. This is where we stepped in! Having completed previous projects for Millenniumsoils Coir, like the design of their previous website and more recently, the rebranding of their logo, we were thrilled to work with them again on this website refresh project! 

The Symetric team worked with Millenniumsoils Coir to design a website that was clean, professional, and informative. The new website features a simple yet sleek design that is simple for visitors to navigate and locate information. 

Dave Wilding, Sales Manager at Millenniumsoils Coir, Vgrove Inc. reflected on his experience working with us:

"After also recently having Symetric do the rebrand of our logo, it was a simple choice to have them refresh our webpage as well. They are professional and easy to work with. They have many ways to approach what we wanted (even though we weren’t fully able to figure out exactly what we needed). They came in with solutions that offered what we needed to accomplish without having to make the website too lengthy or difficult to navigate.

We appreciate the ability that Symetric has to work with us and they always have great thoughts on what our website needs to accomplish it’s goal while being able to keep within our budget."


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