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Niagara River Lions

Website Design

Competing in the National Basketball League of Canada, the Niagara River Lions celebrated their inaugural season in 2015-2016. What followed was a tidal wave of support for the franchise as being seen as a game changer for the Niagara community. Based out of the Meridian Centre in downtown St. Catharines, the team is dedicated to taking the level of professional sports in the region to new heights.

Not looking to rest on their merits or previous successes, the River Lions were looking to take the quality of their product on the court and translate it to the online world. Symetric joined the River Lions team shortly after to develop a new website and the results speak for themselves! The new responsive website is loaded with features such as real-time live scores, a robust standings and schedule system including game recaps and an interactive calendar so fans always know when the game is on. The Niagara River Lions newest addition to the team is sure to perform under pressure and will help ensure that fans all across the region are ready to roar!

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