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Nova Algoma

Website Design

Headquartered in St. Catharines, NovaAlgoma’s reach is far and vast. From Rotterdam in the Netherlands to Fort Lauderdale in Florida, NovaAlgoma’s fleet serves a wide variety of international clientele. NovaAlgoma was looking to translate their international logistics and jaw dropping visuals into their online presence, and they turned to Symetric to help do just that.

Symetric initially directed a drone shoot to capture the NACC Argonaut vessel traversing the Welland Canal. Symetric delivered a mesmerizing video displaying the vessel travelling through the locks. The dynamic video allows viewers to get up close and personal with the vessel like never before!

After the drone shoot, the Symetric team developed the new website with an aim to bolster the brand’s online presence through superior design and functionality and to better align with NovaAlgoma’s vision and values. Upon launch, the new website features a sleek design complimented with captivating visuals that are perfected with an effective sales funnel. The website incapsulates NovaAlgoma’s impressive fleet and demonstrates clear calls to action to incite connection with website visitors. As their slogan states, NovaAlgoma’s online presence most definitely has a “bright future ahead.”

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