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Website Design

In a world that moves fast and relies on being connected at all times, you can’t afford to have unreliable internet. The Niagara Regional Broadband Network (NRBN) understands this and is committed to providing the community with ultra-reliable fibre optic network. Serving people across the Niagara Region, NRBN delivers a network that is limitless, and faster than other forms of internet such as DSL, cable, and wireless internet. Their goal is to become a technology and innovation leader in the Region and help communities to connect faster with a more reliable network. However, their branding and website design was not supporting the goals and direction of the company.

Enter Symetric Productions. Our team worked with NRBN to refresh their brand and website to align with their goal of being a leader in technology and innovation. A clean and professional approach to the design allowed the website to remain informative, yet simple for users to navigate. Similarly, when designing the logo, we focused on simplicity and clarity to create a consistent visual experience that identifies NRBN as a leading internet service provider in the Region.


NRBN Main Image
NRBN Second Image