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Royal Decks

Website Design

Based out of Mississauga, Royal Decks provides residents all across the GTA and beyond with superior decking solutions that create a fantastic outdoor living experience. From custom designs to a numerous number of deck materials to a wide variety of deck solutions, nothing is considered too big or outside the realm of expertise for the Royal Decks team. With locations all across Southern Ontario, Royal Decks is here to transcend your outdoor living area!

Symetric worked with the Royal Decks team to rebrand the company and develop a website that gets results. The ultimate goal of the rebranding process was to create a brand image that accurately reflects their brand positioning and connects with their target market. Symetric delivered a brand that does just that! The new, visually striking logo is sure to make an imprint on consumers and the branding guideline created allows the Royal Decks team to properly apply the logo across any marketing medium.

After the branding was finalized, Symetric got to work on developing the website. The new responsive design features captivating visuals that are meant to immediately immerse the user. The website’s mix of simple navigation and effective calls to action ensures that customers can quickly find what they are looking for with ease. Royal Decks finally has a brand that accurately projects their image and a website that accurately portrays their incredible work!

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