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Verhoef Electric Inc.

Website Design

Verhoef Electric Inc. has been providing residents across Niagara and beyond with exceptional electrical servicing for over 30 years. The Verhoef team has worked with clients from a wide range of industries that each bring unique needs which require an extensive skillset to fulfill. Whether it’s residential, commercial or even the horticulture segment; Verhoef has done it all. Built on a foundation of trust, integrity and hard work, the Verhoef team are proud to have been helping the good people of Niagara and beyond since 1984.

Symetric joined forces with Verhoef to improve their online presence by designing a website that accurately reflects their brand image and gets results. What they received was a website that features a robust set of features such as an advanced services module that organizes and presents their services in an easy to follow format. The new responsive design also comes equipped with a visually striking project portfolio that features photos of previous projects that visitors can easily scroll through. Combine this with a visually striking design and strategically placed calls to action and the Verhoef team now has a website that performs, looks great and gets the job done. 

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