Vineland Growers

Vineland Growers prides itself on being the longest continually run co-operative in Ontario. With facilities strategically located throughout the Niagara Peninsula's fertile fruit belt, the co-operative has always strived to be an industry leader through the dedication of its members and continues to make its mark.

Symetric worked closely with Vineland Growers to build and implement a website that focused on highlighting their 100 years of service, various products, upcoming events, and tasty recipes. Symetric developed an interactive catalogue that allows users to easily find which products they are looking for and provides clear contact methods so that users can place their order with ease.

Symetric also helped Vineland Growers prepare for a tradeshow by designing a booth that stood out from among the rest by featuring captivating visuals and helpful information that drew potential clients to their booth.

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