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Walker Aggregates Inc.

Aerial Drone Photography

Widely known throughout Ontario and beyond as a pioneer in a wide range of fields, Walker Industries Inc. has been leading the way since 1887. Spearheading a group of companies ranging from aggregates to construction to waste management and many more, Walker Industries combines traditional values with progressive concepts all while serving the surrounding communities they are involved in while integrating environmental consciousness into their entire process.

Walker Aggregates, a division of Walker Industries, needed to convey their vast quarry and sand pit operations located all across southern Ontario. Walker linked up with the Symetric team to do just that using our 4K drone capabilities. The Symetric crew shot at each of Walker’s sites, from Windsor to Orillia to Niagara and almost everywhere in between! What Walker got in return was a bird’s eye video tour of each facility along with picture perfect aerial snapshots of each facility. Walker finally has the viewpoint they were looking for to showcase each facility’s vast size and robust operation

VIew video

Walker Aggregates Inc. Main Image
Walker Aggregates Inc. Second Image