It’s no secret that our perceptions of how a business looks, sounds, and operates has changed. And, as a community, this new normal will continue to evolve as lockdowns lift, stores reopen, and we get ready for summer.
Your brand. Remember, the one you spent years building, defining, and refining? You’ve finally narrowed in on that key demographic, and you know your customer base like you do your own family; You take pride in providing specific solutions for their pain points.
So How Do You Keep Your Business Healthy During a Pandemic? New terms like social distancing don’t just affect how we communicate with friends and family; they affect how we do business.
If you’re a business owner, you probably think about the various techniques you might use to increase your sales. It’s also likely that you spend a lot of time and resources trying to figure out how you can connect with your customers, too
If the word "budget" were a person, it wouldn't be up for any awards . . . In fact, hearing the word "budget" may cause visions of dollar signs, excel spreadsheets, and can send even the most strong-willed of us to the freezer, desperate for a pint of 'Ben and Jerry's'.
You want their business . . . but how do you know what your customers are searching for?
The predicted growth for 2020 means that we can look forward to reaching new goals and heights in our own businesses, not just in foreign and domestic markets. But what are some ways you can invest in yourself?
In the tides and popular currents of 'how-tos' and best practices, we've picked up a few unusual digital marketing tips that are worth sharing.
Some of the greatest marketing pioneers of our time actually build their strategies and execution on core branding and advertising concepts. In the process, they turn into case studies that even the smallest organizations can learn from.
It's all about social media. You want to reach your audience where they spend their time, and that happens to be on Facebook, YouTube, and other social networks. As you look to get your message to potential customers, do you even need to worry about a website anymore?
What can happen in the next year? What new trends will quickly become the new norm? Back in the early 20th Century, in just a few short years, people went from travelling over land by horse or train to driving cars with internal combustion engines, and soon, the skies were filled with powered aircraft. History also saw the decline of world empires and the seeds sown for a world at war. In just a few short years, vaccinations, antibiotics, and the complete restructuring of nations followed suit.
Live chat boxes on business websites have existed for nearly ten years in some form or another. But while the technology has been around for a while, it's only been in the last year or so that live chat has really exploded as a popular and 'new' way to communicate instantly with customers.
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