Symetric Announced as Preferred Digital Partner for Women In Leadership and Business

WILB ConferenceWILB is Canada’s premier interactive learning and development conference with a community passionate about cultivating women leaders of all ages, inspiring them to lead with integrity, and helping them connect in magical ways. WILB is the only conference in Canada that brings together experienced and emerging leaders in one event, through our concurrent Born2Lead and WILB conferences. Every element of the conference is designed for maximum engagement – from risk taking opportunities to comfortable conversations.

Joe Jones, Vice President of Symetric Productions, stated that Symetric is an avid supporter of the Women In Leadership and Business Conference and couldn’t be more thrilled to have the opportunity to help increase their online presence. "Preparing and grooming women leaders of both today and tomorrow is an endeavor that Symetric Productions full endorses and supports" says Joe. We look forward to working with Tammy Sweeney, CHRP, Carla Cappuccitti, Nicole Hrinco and the WILB team to help spread their powerful message across this beautiful country.