Success in the Den: Symetric Clients Create Winning Culture on Dragons' Den

Striking a deal on CBC’s hit show Dragons’ Den is difficult to come by. Creating a track record of success? Well, that’s downright extraordinary. Don’t tell that to the folks at Symetric Productions though, a St. Catharines based digital marketing firm that has seen 2 of its clients visit the Den in under 2 years.

Symetric Website Design Trulocal CBC's Dragons' Den 1

The first client to do so was a revolutionary mobile application called Caddle. Pitched as a way to earn additional income and save on products, the Caddle team walked out of the Den with a deal. Symetric enjoyed the experience of prepping the platform and both the website and mobile application for the surge in popularity and traffic that followed the episode’s airing. Joe Jones, vice president of Symetric, had this to say, “Our first experience with Dragons’ Den really opened our eyes to how big of an impact it is to be featured on the show. The popularity that followed the show’s airing was incredible…especially since Caddle came out with a deal!”

Fast-forward a little over a year and Joe saw another client that had the potential to not just appear on the show, but score a deal. Meet truLOCAL, a simple way to get locally grown meats that are free of antibiotics and contain no added hormones. Simply visit their website, build a package, input your personal info and payment. truLOCAL then delivers the order to your doorstep every month, simple right?

Symetric has been working with truLOCAL since their humble beginnings and helped take their idea and bring it to fruition by building the heart of their business: the website and ordering system that everything runs through. After over a year, truLOCAL had experienced great success, but Joe saw an opportunity to take it to the next level…“I pitched the Dragons’ Den idea to Marc, founder of truLOCAL, and he was thrilled about the concept so it didn’t take much to get him onboard.” Thus began a grueling process for both the Symetric and truLOCAL teams with truLOCAL going through the difficult qualification process and Symetric prepping the system and servers for the onslaught of traffic that would surely follow after the show.

The hard work paid off as truLOCAL was announced as a show contestant. With their episode airing date set, both teams returned to work to ensure that everything would be perfect in time for when the episode airs. There’s been little downtime for reflection, but the Symetric team believes that they’ve created an environment where startups can not only survive, but also thrive. To learn more about truLOCAL, visit our portfolio or check out their website. Interested in finding out how they fared in the Den? Watch the episode on CBC using the link below!

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Symetric Website Design Trulocal CBC's Dragons' Den 2
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