Times have changed and people are becoming busier by the minute. The quick delivery of email and electronic data has helped us be more productive, yet overloaded at the same time. This ultimate means that we don't have the time to read every email especially the ones that don't seem to capture our attention. So if this is our problem, how do we get our readers to actually read our emails?
Often in the small business setting we are closely watching and protecting our budgets. Every dollar we earn is carefully weighed on how it should be spent. We don't have the extra cash flow to make mistakes or invest in something that is second best. As we go through the checklist of our needs and wants we can stumble on the "cart before the horse" scenario. We are unsure of what we should do first or if we are to do it at all.
Many people today are make a switch to a mobile type of office space. A space where you can work in almost any location. The question that often comes to mind is "what are the effects?". Here is simple info graphic that touches on this very topic.
Many online sources state that the current sales of Internet connected mobile devices have surpassed PC sales. When we hear this we begin to ask ourselves a few questions and the biggest one is: "Do I need a mobile site?"
As business owners we often focus so much on our problems that it almost becomes impossible to see around that problem for a solution. We then tend to repeat the same strategies and methods of operation because they have worked in the past, hoping they will work again. At this point we then become frustrated and worry takes over because we can't understand what the problem really is and we have no clue how to change it.
I recently spent some time at a family reunion, snapping shots of my daughter and son, and even my cousin Neil wearing one sock as a fashion statement. We all love capturing these moments and more importantly, sharing them with others. Before I even sit down, I have already posted and tagged them on Facebook. Maybe you have just learned how to browse or send an email and the terms tagging, posting and tweeting are like trying to read a Greek dictionary.
Seventy five percent of business owners I meet with tell me they never look at the their website statistics. Even after developing websites for over ten years, that statement still takes me by surprise. Usually the business owners feel they don’t understand what they are viewing and these stats do not offer any valuable data. To these business owners these stats are just a big game, where the numbers rise and fall but really have no bearing on their sales, performance or effectiveness of their website.
When your vision is blurred it can be irritating, bothersome and annoying to you. In many cases it can give you a headache causing you to turn away from what you were gazing at. Blurriness can be difficult to read and understand. In anything we do we need to have things in focus and in perspective. We often find that businesses have struggled because of the lack of focus. This lack of focus is usually related to lack of understanding and knowledge.
Increase your online potential - have customers pay using their debit cards online. Millions of people choose debit cards over credit every day. Accepting debit cards online lets you access a whole new market. It's also simple to integrate and simple to use.
Everyone likes finding something that is unique and valuable. Everyone loves putting their hand in an old coat and finding money that they had misplaced or being surprised by extra cash in their bank accounts. I have never met anyone in my life who didn'tt like being surprised by a rare unique bounty. We were made to like and appreciate unique and valuable things.
How many times have you visited a website and the content is months old? Website users are expecting this content to be current right up to minute. However, sometimes website owners don’t realize how vital it is to keep your content fresh and up to date. Think of walking into a grocery store and seeing old fruit, meat and vegetables. The chances of you buying that out of date product is very slim. Then why as website owners do we think it’s OK for our online business to carry rotten produce?
Looking back on the business/technology industry we can certainly see how quickly things have changed, and how different they are to what we used to do. If we look back 10 years ago, the need for a website was optional. Today a website is a must for any legitimate business. Phone books are now becoming a thing of the past. People don’t want to spend the time browsing through a book, when a search can be done online in a second right from their phone. Desktop computers are being replaced with mobile devices. First on the scene was the Blackberry, then came the iPhone, then the netbook, and now we just witnessed over a million units of the iPad sold which was just release in Canada on May 28, 2010.

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