Increase your online potential - have customers pay using their debit cards online. Millions of people choose debit cards over credit every day. Accepting debit cards online lets you access a whole new market. It's also simple to integrate and simple to use.
Everyone likes finding something that is unique and valuable. Everyone loves putting their hand in an old coat and finding money that they had misplaced or being surprised by extra cash in their bank accounts. I have never met anyone in my life who didn'tt like being surprised by a rare unique bounty. We were made to like and appreciate unique and valuable things.
How many times have you visited a website and the content is months old? Website users are expecting this content to be current right up to minute. However, sometimes website owners don’t realize how vital it is to keep your content fresh and up to date. Think of walking into a grocery store and seeing old fruit, meat and vegetables. The chances of you buying that out of date product is very slim. Then why as website owners do we think it’s OK for our online business to carry rotten produce?
Looking back on the business/technology industry we can certainly see how quickly things have changed, and how different they are to what we used to do. If we look back 10 years ago, the need for a website was optional. Today a website is a must for any legitimate business. Phone books are now becoming a thing of the past. People don’t want to spend the time browsing through a book, when a search can be done online in a second right from their phone. Desktop computers are being replaced with mobile devices. First on the scene was the Blackberry, then came the iPhone, then the netbook, and now we just witnessed over a million units of the iPad sold which was just release in Canada on May 28, 2010.

How many times have you wasted money on advertising? How many times have you used direct mail and seen no response? How many times have you purchased an ad in a magazine and didn’t have a clue on how many people would actually see it? I am not saying these types of advertising don’t work, but they may not be working for you. The key to effective advertising is all about understanding your clients, and your audience. If you don’t understand your audience no type of marketing will be effective.
You’re in the lead holding on to the top placement. Your competition is sneering at you from below as they try and climb the ladder to a higher placement. You feel great until you make a bad move, then the snakes bite and down the grid you go. You have lost your placement and need to regain and climb the ladder once more.
Most people that I talk to often have the wrong idea of what branding means. They usually assume I am referring to their logo. Branding is the overall vision or plan on how everything relates to each other. The word brand began simply as a way to tell one person's cattle from another by means of a hot iron stamp.
When internet first came on the scene, the websites that had the most content seemed to be the most legitimate. Things have changed drastically since that era. Online users now want an experience every time they visit a website. They don’t want to have to read or dig through hundreds of pages; they want your information to hit them in the forehead when they first enter the site. This is why so many users are now adding video content to their websites. If a picture can tell a thousand words how much more can a Video Spokesperson say?

Number of people accessing news and information on their mobile device more than doubles in a year.

5 years ago it did not matter if your website was mobile friendly, but times are changing! Ask Symetric Productions Inc. how we can make your website more mobile friendly.
To build a successful international web presence, company decision-makers must stay open-minded and remember that what works in North America may not work elsewhere.
The internal link structure of a website is a search engine optimization factor that is often overlooked.

The internal link structure of your site allows you to spread the link power of your home page to the individual pages of your site.
People not involved in website optimization often have difficulty to understand search engine optimization and the different methods that are involved. If you have to explain the basic SEO concepts to your boss, the following list will help you:
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