With more and more consumers opting to shop online, websites are now the heartbeat of your digital marketing strategy and having a top-notch website can do wonders for your business. Wondering if your website has gone the way of the dodo bird? Here are the 5 telltale signs that your website is due for a facelift.
When your website first launched, you were probably amazed at the functionality and cutting-edge features. As time goes on, however, your site's performance begins to suffer and the results begin to decline. Let's talk about the benefits of a redesign.
Marketing has undergone a radical revolution over the past decade. Digital marketing has completely changed how brands connect with their customers and has absolutely blown the roof off what is possible. Learn about the stages that most businesses experience when making the switch to online marketing so that you can avoid these common mistakes.
We get it. Overhauling your website, the heart of your brand's online presence, can seem pretty daunting. To help with that, we've created our own manual for web design that will help guide you during the exciting journey of improving your online marketing.
The festivities have subsided and 2018 is here! Every new year brings about a seasonal renewal of positivity and motivation to accomplish bigger and greater things. Which is why it's not surprising that new year's resolutions have become a popular part of the renewal process. However, many people who set resolutions struggle to accomplish their goals for a variety of reasons.
Consumers demand organic content, in fact they crave it. Developing organic content that catches the eye of consumers and gets them to engage with your brand isn't as difficult as it sounds. Try implementing these 3 tips when crafting your next social media strategy.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017 proved that more and more customers worldwide are choosing to kick off their Holiday shopping online rather than in stores. Check out the stats here.
Business, like farming, is never as easy as it looks. It takes time to build your plan and cultivate an audience. No matter the industry, there are certain lessons that any business should practice. These lessons could be the different between the success and failure of a company.
Talk about the power of online shopping. Today's consumers are educated and armed with a vast array of resources. So how can you break the barrier and get through to them?
The foundation of anything, whether it's a house or company, is vital to building long term success. In business, you can have a great product or service, but what good is it if you are unable to communicate that to your target market? This is where building a concrete marketing blueprint that clearly outlines your objectives and breaks down your plan of attack is of paramount importance.
Mankind has always been fascinated with flight and longed to explore the world from a bird's eye view. It's mind boggling to believe how different flying was just 100 short years ago. What has been especially fascinating is the period that we are currently in where airborne devices are owned and operated for personal use. The most common and popular of these devices are drones.
Imagine a world where we were only surrounded by bland brands with no individuality or identity. How would you speak up or set yourself apart? When looks are taken away you suddenly realize just how significant visuals are in the business world.
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