It's all about social media. You want to reach your audience where they spend their time, and that happens to be on Facebook, YouTube, and other social networks. As you look to get your message to potential customers, do you even need to worry about a website anymore?
There's a lot of things you need from a website, and basic functionality is only the beginning, not the end of your website's potential. Today we'd like to help businesses clearly see all the ways a template website is holding you back, even if it appeared to work for you initially.
Website design is now a cutting-edge industry, one where the true movers and shakers are constantly competing. The only way to break through and define the new cutting edge is to design custom software and innovate as you go.
Should you go local? When it comes to web design, the answer is a resounding yes. Websites are the heart of modern digital marketing. It deserves and requires close attention as it plays a vital part in attracting, convincing, and converting audiences to buy into a specific brand.
It's important to ensure that your website, which is widely considered the heart of any digital marketing strategy, remain not only up-to-date, but relevant and user friendly. Here are key 3 website trends that you need to know about.
Countless aspects combine to make up a successful website. The code needs to be just right, it has to communicate your core message, and it should be optimized to be found easily through social media.

And yet, all of these (and other) factors matter little if you cannot get the visuals right.

It's a simple fact, but one that's too easily ignored: great photography can make or break your website. Choose the right visuals, and your marketing will take off, your visitors stay longer, and your website contributes directly to business growth. Fail to do so, and you waste significant resources on a website that cannot attract, convert, or delight your potential customers.
With more and more consumers opting to shop online, websites are now the heartbeat of your digital marketing strategy and having a top-notch website can do wonders for your business. Wondering if your website has gone the way of the dodo bird? Here are the 5 telltale signs that your website is due for a facelift.
When your website first launched, you were probably amazed at the functionality and cutting-edge features. As time goes on, however, your site's performance begins to suffer and the results begin to decline. Let's talk about the benefits of a redesign.
We get it. Overhauling your website, the heart of your brand's online presence, can seem pretty daunting. To help with that, we've created our own manual for web design that will help guide you during the exciting journey of improving your online marketing.
The opportunistic, yet demanding nature of business can make it difficult to stand out. This is none more evident than when it comes to reaching consumers using the most important marketing tool, your website.
Everyone loves suits, no not the show (although I highly recommend that as well), but rather the attire. Suits are fascinating in part because there are so many different styles and cuts available. From the simplistic two button design to the more bold double-breasted, 3 button style. The decisions don't stop at the jacket, however, as one must then consider the appropriate dress shirt, tie, pocket square, socks, shoes and the list goes on and on.
As a kid growing up, my brother and I would always look forward to going camping with our grandparents for a weekend every summer. We could hardly wait to spend the weekend swimming, sitting around campfires and making new friends. One of my fondest memories of those weekends was our grandfather teaching us how to do different tasks around the campsite. While teaching us, he always used his Swiss Army knife. I was quite fascinated with his knife and would watch in amazement as he used it for a variety of tasks that required us to cut, fix or build something.
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