If the word "budget" were a person, it wouldn't be up for any awards . . . In fact, hearing the word "budget" may cause visions of dollar signs, excel spreadsheets, and can send even the most strong-willed of us to the freezer, desperate for a pint of 'Ben and Jerry's'.
The predicted growth for 2020 means that we can look forward to reaching new goals and heights in our own businesses, not just in foreign and domestic markets. But what are some ways you can invest in yourself?
Some of the greatest marketing pioneers of our time actually build their strategies and execution on core branding and advertising concepts. In the process, they turn into case studies that even the smallest organizations can learn from.
You've heard it everywhere: to grow your business, you need social media marketing. It's the new form of word of mouth, especially considering the fact that about 70 percent of Canadians now use some form of social media.

But where do you start? If you lack specific and dedicated expertise in the topic, it can be difficult to get a handle of the complex world that is social media. In isolation, a brand presence on the medium makes sense. And yet, without the right approach, you risk joining the countless businesses who spend time and resources on it, only to see a negligible return on their investment.
Marketing has undergone a radical revolution over the past decade. Digital marketing has completely changed how brands connect with their customers and has absolutely blown the roof off what is possible. Learn about the stages that most businesses experience when making the switch to online marketing so that you can avoid these common mistakes.
The festivities have subsided and 2018 is here! Every new year brings about a seasonal renewal of positivity and motivation to accomplish bigger and greater things. Which is why it's not surprising that new year's resolutions have become a popular part of the renewal process. However, many people who set resolutions struggle to accomplish their goals for a variety of reasons.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017 proved that more and more customers worldwide are choosing to kick off their Holiday shopping online rather than in stores. Check out the stats here.
Business, like farming, is never as easy as it looks. It takes time to build your plan and cultivate an audience. No matter the industry, there are certain lessons that any business should practice. These lessons could be the different between the success and failure of a company.
The foundation of anything, whether it's a house or company, is vital to building long term success. In business, you can have a great product or service, but what good is it if you are unable to communicate that to your target market? This is where building a concrete marketing blueprint that clearly outlines your objectives and breaks down your plan of attack is of paramount importance.
Digital marketing has completely changed how people find your business. Gone are the days of simply throwing your advertising budget at traditional marketing mediums and hoping for results. Business now have access to a vast array of tools and getting found online is absolutely critical to the success of your business.
Search engines have radically altered how people search for your business. Getting discovered online is no longer considered a passing fad, but is of paramount importance to both the current and future success of your business. Which is why it's important to put yourself in your consumers' shoes to determine how they go about finding you.
Now that the Holiday season is over and we have all survived our turkey hangovers; it's time to focus on 2017 and the New Year's resolutions that always come at the start of a new year. These resolutions usually involve eating better, exercising regularly or kicking a few items off the bucket list. However, rarely do we see resolutions created for a business.
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