Practically any business can benefit from aerial drone photography and videography. The key is understanding when, where and how to get the most out of these incredible devices.
It's a bird! It's a plane!'s a drone! The drone industry's meteoric rise has led to consumers taking to the skies in staggering numbers. Wondering if harnessing the power of drone technology has value for your business? Learn more about the value of drone marketing here!
These are exciting times! Drones are shaking up how brands showcase their business. While aerial shoots may be new and enthralling, there's a ton of preparation that goes into every flight. To help give you a better idea, here are 5 important questions that need to be answered before every drone flight.
Mankind has always been fascinated with flight and longed to explore the world from a bird's eye view. It's mind boggling to believe how different flying was just 100 short years ago. What has been especially fascinating is the period that we are currently in where airborne devices are owned and operated for personal use. The most common and popular of these devices are drones.
I was always intrigued with the ability to fly and to see our world from a different perspective. It took me 15 years, but I finally found a way to achieve my lifelong dream...the answer? Drones.
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